Kutch is easily one of the world's finest centers for embroidery with various styles differing with the community and area-Rabari embroidery, Ahir embroidery, Sindhi embroidery, Banni embroidery, Mutwa embroidery, Ari embroidery, Soof embroidery-and some styles include mirror or bead inlay. Embroidery is also a major craft in Saurashtra and north Gujarat, specially beadwork embroidery seen in Gondal and other places in Rajkot district, and leather embroidery for mojdi footwear in Radhanpur. Besides fabrics, leather footwear is also embroidered in Banni region of Kutch district and Radhanpur in North Gujarat. Applique work, the process of stiching fabric patches together in beautiful patterns, is another major textile craft of Gujarat.

We work with small groups of artists, mostly women, at grass root level. Our primary focus is capacity building of decentralized rural craft persons. We bring to you under a single umbrella, variety of high quality merchandise using the finest of 'craft of kutch' like traditinal kuchi embroidery, hand painting, batik, discharge painting etc.

Girl engaged in embroidery work
We offer:
  • Hand Embroidery Mirror Worked Indian Textile Products;
  • Tops (Blouses), Ladies T-Shirts;
  • Home Decoration Items - such As Door Hangings (Toran), Wall Hangings (Chakla);
  • Kuchi Jewelry of Gujarat;
  • Ladies Purses (Bags), Travelling Bags, Shoulder Bags;
  • Cushion Covers;
  • Gift Items

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