About Us

Kutch women showing embroidery stitches

We are suppliers & exporters of various type of unique Indian Arts & Crafts products from Kutch region of India.

We work with small groups of artists, mostly women, at grass root level. Our primary focus is capacity building of decentralized rural craft persons. We bring to you under a single umbrella, variety of high quality merchandise using the finest of 'craft of kutch' like traditinal kuchi embroidery, hand painting, batik, discharge painting etc.

We also work closely with the Women Artisan Marketing Agency (WAMA). WAMA plays a dual role: bringing traditional splendour into urban lives while safeguardng the dignity and skills of the artisans. WAMA has not only created a thriving village industry but helped nurture and promote old crafts and traditions which would otherwise have been snuffed out by the hardships of scarcity and disintegrated into the surrounding cities. WAMA has become a vital source of supplementary income, generating employment for craftswomen in their own homes, restoring their pride in their craft and in being self-sufficient, helping to build a society of creative, productive, and honest people.

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